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I was into anime since I first laid eyes on it; that was when I was around 4 years old.  The animation quality and characters had me trapped in its unbelievable dream world.  But back then, I never ever knew that this Japanese animation was called anime.  I was one of those idiotic-type kids who didn't really have a firm grip on what was around me; in other words, I was very ignorant.  In truth, I really don't remember the name of the first anime I had seen, but I remember that my brother and a couple of his friends were hooked on Dragonball.  Dragonball hooked me too, but the only thing I watched was one of the DB movies.  I loved it, and watched it over and over again, regardless if I could understand the Japanese language or not.

Years pass on, and I completely forgot about my interest in anime, or at least I wasn't in that "dream world" anymore.  I've seen a couple shows, and knew it was Japanese animation, however, I was not hooked again until Pokemon came out.  Yeah, it's sad 'cause I used to like it, but now, it's  just too much, so I totally dispise the thing.  But around that time when Pokemon came out, I found out that this Japanese animation I had so much adored was called "anime".  Then when the Pokemon comics came out, I discovered that these black and white Japanese comics I had read in some weekly magazines were called "manga".  So that set me off again, but this time, I had a better knowledge of what it was, and why so many other people liked it. 

At that time, I was even the least bit familiar with the internet; in fact, I was terrified because of hearing what you were able to do with it.  But the first time I tried it, I became addicted right away, and wanted more.  Finally, I got my own account, and was able to surf anywhere I wanted.  I decided to look up anime sites; I found a ton, and discovered the excellent web design in so many of them.  I read everything that was posted on these sites, and discovered something that would help me in the future when I made this site: most of these anime sites had image galleries and links to other sites.  Some of these sites were also part of web rings, helping you to gain even more traffic to your site.  And so, I kept this in mind.

My first year of high school in the first semester was tough; students were required to save and create English portfolios, which accounted for much of your total grade.  That alone was exhausting, and if you think that wasn't enough, there's more: we had to do 3 presentations for World History, plus, Math, Computer Skills, and all this other stuff that drove me insane.   First semester was  hell for me, but in the second semester, I was able to take it much easier.  I signed up for a couple electives; my first choice when seeing that electives sheet was Web Design.  I couldn't believe that my school offered a web design class!!!  At this time, I was so into anime and manga that I decided that my first site to create would be an anime site.  I thought that creating a site about a show would be really cool, but dropped the idea and decided that I wanted to do something to get others hooked on anime as well.  This is where K-Bug Anime had started. 

Unfortunately, the software we had to use was Microsoft FrontPage, which has limited capabilities if you compare it to something like Macromedia's Dreamweaver.  But it was okay 'cause I was just starting to learn about web page designing, and this was a good start for someone new.  I worked for hours on my site, trying to make it look as good as FrontPage would let me.   Heh, I totally ignored my other work, and often got yelled at by my mom for spending so much time on the computer.  Either way, I wouldn't have cared because I was determined to make a good site.   

Moving on ahead, the site is finally finished, and I stayed up until about 4:30 a.m. publishing it to Freeservers.   I was so tired, and the FTP would take about an hour and 30 minutes.  But when it was finally done, I was so happy that I didn't care if I got any sleep.  That same day would be the day I had to attend the web site showcasing at my school.  So it was all great, and everyone liked my site.  I was really happy, and plus, my site was up on the last day of school, which was June 16, 2000.  That was a great way to end the day for me!

So now, I'm still working and modifying this site.  Although it's not as good as some other ones, at least it's not a bad haul considering this is the very first web site I've ever made.  If I can learn some more stuff like HTML, Flash, and Adobe (both Illustrator and Photoshop), then I'll probably redesign the whole web site.  I would definitely like to get Dreamweaver sometime in the future, but for now, this is how it's gonna be.  As for the anime otaku side of me, I've been busy watching as much as I can during the summer, even attending AX 2000 in Anaheim, California.  I have a pretty good knowledge of the whole anime thing, but am still learning more as I go on.


What is my favorite anime show?

Currently, Gundam Wing and Tenchi Muyo!, but really, there are too many to name.

Who's my favorite anime character?

I've got lots to name, but Duo Maxwell of Gundam Wing kicks bo-o-ty the most! (Please see pic right below)

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Do I have any other interests besides anime and manga?

Yeah, I do: tennis, drawing, reading, music (both listening and creating with Mixman Studio), internet, and basically anything that'll give me a run for my money!  However, anime/manga will always remain as my favorite!!!