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Looking for something else?   Try some of these sites!  Yeah, I update frequently with new links here, and feel free to submit a site if you want!  Make sure to include the URL in the e-mail so that I can check it out.  Anyway, get outta here, and ja ne!!!




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Animerica is a monthly anime & manga magazine that lists anime news in the US and Japan.  They also include reviews, fan art, fan letters, interviews, and more. 

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Recognize this popular book?   You bet you do!!!  The link takes you to Gilles' service to fans page, where you can find some anime/manga news, recommended stuff, added entries to The Anime Companion, and so much more!

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EX: The Online World of Anime and Manga.

This is an online magazine for Otakus to read!  Kinda like Animerica, but the only difference is that it exists online.

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Anime Web Turnpike is known throughout the internet as being the best place to find links on all anime/manga related sites.  This includes fansites, official sites, computer goodie sites (like screensavers, skins, etc.), and so much more than you can handle!

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Yowzas!  Must see, 'cause if you don't, you're missing out!!!  Anyway, Julie Dillon's site mainly focuses on anime artwork.  She is VERY talented; you should see some of her pieces!   What else?  Anime drawing tutorials, how about that?!?

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Don't we just love anime multimedia download sites???

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Well-designed, and I like all the stuff available to see.  You have to go here!!!

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K-Bug Anime is proud to be an affiliate with AF! Magazine!!!  Go ahead and check this place out!

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AnimeNation, practically the only place you'll ever have to stop at for all your anime/manga needs.

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My friend's (aka the cabbit I adopted) web site.  Why it's not with the rest of the Gundam links is because it's not entirely on Gundam.  Features stuff on all the current shows airing on Toonami, as well as one of the weirdest humor sections I've ever seen (take a look and be confused)!

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My friend's web site (aka Achika's web site): a place that worships anime she likes, and other stuff, including some Winamp skins available for download. Some other crazy things are running around the page, but I'll let you see that for yourself.

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Another friend's web site.   This one features fan art and original drawings.



Gundam Official   This is Bandai's official Gundam site.  If you have Flash, the site's got a pretty cool intro.

The Gundam Project  Find all your info on the Gundam series here; nice layout.

Guindam Wing.ORG  Cool little international site.  Find manga translations, images, computer downloads, exclusive stuff, chat, and more.

GW ASD.bmp (24054 bytes)  Personally, I think that this is one of the best GW fan sites out there!!!   You have to see it! 

Gundam_Plus.gif (2708 bytes)  Really cool site!  Lots of stuff to see, download, play, and miscellaneous.   Love the front splash page!!!   

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Official DBZ Site  It's Funimation Studios's DBZ site.  I like the whole Flash thing they got going there, but at the same time, that background music really gets on my nerves.  I'm sure you'll like it though.

Be Cool Boy'Z  This guy has got the works: info about the creator of DBZ, a Huge image gallery, downloads, DBZ e-cards, info about the different stages of a Super Saiyan, Dragonball polling booth, a search engine, a timeline, a guestbook, and info about himself...   Wow!!! 

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Ashok has got a ton of pages!   Find lots of stuff on Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT.  Really great layout!

Temple_Trunks.jpg (14426 bytes)  Whoo, hell of a site!  You could practically spend all day hanging around here doing stuff!!!  Lots of humor (I like that Trunks Feature Films thing with the DBZ figures and fan manga), and so much more!  Great design, great everything.

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D&K Banner.bmp (36054 bytes)  One of the best Ronin sites I've ever seen!  I like that weird layout it uses.

Ronin Banner.gif (38606 bytes)  Not the official Ronin Warriors site, however, it will seem that way to you once you see what it looks like!!!  Great design, easy navigation, the works, all put together by a crew of dedicated RW fans.  How nice.

Swiftgold Banner.jpg (12798 bytes)  The description's already provided.... what, you don't see it?!?  Just kidding!



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Now what's Toonami without the official site?  Don't think that this is their link banner.  Actually, I created this thing!  Anyway, paying a visit to Toonami will leave you stunned.

CNX Toonami  Toonami taken to the extreme.  Check this site out, it's worth the visit.

Arsenal Banner.gif (9184 bytes)  Serving all your Toonami-related multimedia needs; you can even get the Toonami font from here!

Gabrieve.gif (3594 bytes)  Very nice site.  Lots to see and do.  Take a good look at the stuff featured in "Moo Cow Productions."  You won't be sorry. 



Kawaii site!!!  Ryoko fans will enjoy this place! ^_^

Little Washu Banner.gif (25965 bytes)

It's Washu!!!  A pretty popular site with loads to see.  You have to check this one out (and not all of it is on Washu either).

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I don't want to get flamed for putting this one up.  I almost died trying to keep myself from cracking up, but it's useless.  REALLY funny, unless if you're a Sakuya fan, then you'd better not go here.

Ryoko Sama!

Aiya!  It's Ryoko!!!   Ha, okay, well that pic of Washu on the front kinda gives me the creeps.   Anyways, an adorable site on Ryoko and other stuff Tenchi-related!  Wow, I really like that kanji character font.... I wonder where I can get that?

The Cabbit Patch

Aaaiiiiiieeee, there's cabbits everywhere!!!  You MUST see this place!

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Another friend's web site.   Has an image gallery, links, and other little goody-goodies... watch out for the huge Tenchi picture on the front.  It's bound to startle you.



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The Cyberia Cafe: a place to get your daily dose of Lain, as well as lots of other stuff.  Great page layout, great design, and best of all, great place to chill out and have coffee (well not technically).

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Lain's mysterious obsession with that brown bear suit of hers.  A mostly humor site, but with some good info and reasons, as well as links, and well, you know the rest.

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Nice, very nice site.   Fits the Lain theme very well.  Dark and mysterious, but with downloadable necessities; information-wise, there's info on the story and on the characters.

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For those trying to understand the meaning of Lain, this is probably the best place to go.  The webmaster has certainly done his part in explaining the terms that repeatedly pop up during the series.  Reading his interpretations will help you better understand this sci-fi thriller.  Also includes an introduction essay.

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Hmm... I feel like I'm part of the wired already!!!  Great Lain resource site, complete with images, links, plot synopsis, character profiles, etc.

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Another great Lain site!   Seems that all the Lain sites I've seen so far are all sugoi!!!

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Bootleg is an excellent Lain site, and has the most absurd page design I've ever seen.  But it's good.   Really good.

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Close the World... a Japanese Lain site that makes great use of Flash.  Check it out, dance to the changing music as you move your mouse over the buttons, and get a genuine Lain experience.  This is something you can't find anywhere else.  Now if only the other Lain sites could be like this....