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*Update* 2/2/02: There is not much going on with this site anymore other than the fact that I add rants every now and then.  Gomen minna-san!!!  I only hope you guys can hang on there for 5 more months... yes, just 5 months, and something good will happen, I guarantee it!!!   But for now, this site can be considered dead until the end of June.   ::nervous laugh::  Anyway, new rant in Soapbox.  That is all... for now.   BTW, I changed the name of my manga yet again!!!  I figured that keeping with a Japanese title would confuse too many people, so I simply renamed it to "The Blue Lifestyle," which seems to be a more fitting title to the manga than all the other ones I proposed. 

Blue Lifestyle Short Manga Strip: View Image

Tokyo Bum Splash Page: Preview the cursed thing!

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