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Well you're here now..... good for you.  Maybe this will become a permanent page later on, that is, if I choose to throw up any more skins.  I thought that I'd do this just for the hell of it.   I have nothing better to do in my spare time.  The skin right below is my first ever attempt (though I revised it again much later.... it looks so good now!!!)....  I figured that I would do it on Blue Submarine No. 6 just because there are barely any Winamp skins for that kick-@$$ show.  Oh well, hope you like it!  BTW, I give credits to my friend, Achika, who ignored my stupidity and showed me where I could download a skinning program.  Check out her site, The Anime Shrine.  An image preview is shown below so you that can see what the skin will look like.  Click on the image to download... that's all there is to it.



Blue Skin Pic.jpg (92388 bytes)

Blue Submarine No. 6

The BLUE Amp

Features: Complete skin set (as in everything is skinned)

Comments: Just a firsty, except the original  looked like a total piece of @#%#!  This is the revised version, and it took me a hell of a long time to do.  The part that really killed was all those buttons (the Equalizer, Playlist, mini-play buttons, etc.).  Although the Equalizer buttons look like G's, they're actually 6's in this weird font called "Saved By Zero."